What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh. Blank areas are coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. It is also known as silk screening or serigraphy.

What is the actual print like?

We print everything by hand at Eight Seven Central. We shoot for a lighter, wearable print. Something that a customer will want to wear many times over, and not simply for a specific event. We can vary the weight (thickness and opacity) of the print, but that’s something you need to give us a heads up on.

Do you only print T-shirts?

We print flat media. That means wearable garments and posters.  No mugs, no hats and no embroidery.

Where can I pick my products up at?

We are located at 520 E Grand Ave. Someone will always be around to greet you.

Can I tour the Shop?

Yes, depending on how busy we are. An email before hand is helpful, and bringing in some beer never hurts.

Special Requests

I just need a few shirts. Can you guys do that?

Yes, but it will cost you. Any order under our standard twelve piece minimum is billed a one time set up fee of $30 in addition to our standard printing costs.

Can I get this tomorrow?

Our standard turnaround is 8 business days from the time the order is placed. We keep a fair amount of shirts in stock and sometimes jobs can be turned around more quickly if needed. Rush charges may apply.

I want the same design in different colors on different shirts. Can you change the ink color?

We can change out the ink in any screen, but it takes a while to scrape, spray and wipe everything down. We charge a $25 fee for each ink change.

You printed some shirts for me awhile ago but my friend didn’t order one. How long do you keep the screens? Can you just print one up for me?

Our screens are recyclable and are washed out on a weekly basis. That means the screen we used for the job we printed for you last week, may or may not still be around. If it is, you’re in luck, we may print a few more for you out of the goodness of our own hearts. However, if it’s been longer than a week – we can offer no promises. Your re-order will have to be 12 pieces and is subject to the original pricing.  If however you let us know ahead of time that you will be ordering more garments we will do our best to hold onto the screens.


How much will this cost?

Our general pricing structure for t-shirt printing can be found here, high volume pricing and pricing for alternative garments can be found by contacting one of the Project Managers.

Why does adding colors to the design cost more?

Each color of the design requires an individual screen so we must separate the design into its component colors and that takes time and materials.

Can I combine different sizes in an order or do they all have to be the same?

Yes. An order can be comprised of a mix of sizes and cuts.  This means an order can be made up of both unisex and women’s sizing.  The available sizing is dependent on the specific garment being used.

Can you ship an order?

Yes, however you are responsible for the shipping charges.  The shipping time is not figured into the standard two-week turnaround. If you need shirts to be shipped, please plan accordingly.


If I need help with a design, can you do that for me?

Yes. Our design team is quite skilled at getting whatever it is you want onto a shirt. Screen printing design is billed at $40/hour. We retain the rights to all artwork billed at that price. If you wish to own the artwork you will need to speak with a Project Manager about that cost.

How long do you keep my art on file?

We will have them ostensibly forever.

Fabric & Materials

You guys only print on AS Colour?

We print primarily on AS Colour t-shirts. They have a variety of cuts and many colors to choose from. We also really respect their brand principles and way they approach ethics that transcend geography. If you’d like to go with a different brand we’re happy to order those for you too, just ask!

What paper and ink do you use?

We typically print on French Paper using Speedball water based ink and general house paint.  We use Lancers’ Excalibur inks for garment printing.