The Hall

When we strike up conversation over good food and drink, we forge relationships. These important connections help create a thriving community that we can share in. The Foundry is the building and The Hall is one of the venues inside The Foundry. The Hall is a place where we connect.

Much of the signage implies The Hall has always been a part of the building through positioning and use of materials. Painted cut metal and routed wood are methods utilized. These are no different than turn of the century means of signage fabrication.

Crossing through the vestibule allows us to take pause and acknowledge migrant workers that came before us. They laid the foundation for what we can accomplish today. These were actual workers from this rail yard in 1899, image sourced from State Historical Museum. Hobo symbology allows for a search/discover aspect while you wait. Large symbols shown are “alcohol here”, “I ate”, and “go this way”.

Large interior wayfinding signs can be seen differentiating areas within The Hall. The crest shape is based on the roof line of the building.

The wait staff’s uniform t-shirt is designed to hide spills or stains through a large rectangle of halftone concrete pattern while brightly promoting The Hall’s identity mark.

The table-talker speaks to the history of the building while providing conversation starters for patrons to connect over.

The business card is the same ratio as the shipping container. This very shipping container is prominently located right behind the bar.


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