Boone Valley Brewing

The idea of a valley relates to the special, unique, “doing your own thing”. The owners of Boone Valley Brewing officially started doing their thing in 2011 and with it came award winning, hand crafted beer. We began our relationship with BVB by refining their identity, developing the visual character for each beer, and producing tap handles. We began by capturing dynamic angles the valley presented and introducing visual elements with hand crafted qualities.




ADDY Silver - Roxie Tap Handle, ADAI Best Of Category - Distribution Assets, ADAI Judge's Choice - 2015 Ol' Griz Tap Handle

Boone Valley Brewing Ol'Griz 2016 BVB-Roxie-TapHandle Boone Valley Brewing IPA Boone Valley Brewing Ol' Griz 2015 Boone Valley Brewing