We love the messy work.

Our Presale Sites take all of the headache out of ordering t-shirts for a large group. Whether you are raising funds, selling retail, or simply not wanting to get stuck collecting payment from your group of friends, we handle all of the cumbersome parts of the job.

Let us collect the orders and payments, print your shirts, ship them to the customers, and we will send you a check once the job is complete. Your only task is to help promote the pre-sale site.

Interested? Fill out the form below to get started.

  • You will be given a link "(project-title).eightsevencentral.net"
  • You will receive a copy of all order confirmations
  • Shirts will print about 5 days after the site closes. Sites open longer sometimes sell more shirts, but also occasionally causes customers to get impatient.
  • Our suggested minimum is 24 pieces. Below this number, we will give you the option to refund all customer orders.
  • Your total profit will vary based on actual orders, and pricing will be based on our standard pricing. After your job goes to print, we will cut you a check for any profit. If it is a negative number, you will be responsible for payment of the difference in price prior to printing all shirts. In the event that not enough shirts sell to justify printing the job, at your discretion, we are able to refund all orders to customers. We will also waive the store setup fee to ensure this is cost-free on your end. This calculation is based on selling 24 one-color t-shirts, which has a standard price of $14.