5 Years, So Fresh.

There was this one time I about five years ago I saw Zach get too excited and punch the steering wheel because he was too excited. Zach isn’t excitable. I can’t stress this enough. Zach got excited. Anyone who knows … +

80/35 : 2014 Edition

One of the best parts of the 80/35 festival each year is the stories and the lore that begin to trickle out during the days immediately following the final act. There are so many memorable and unplanned events that happen … +

Part-Time Screen Printer Wanted

 What you’ll do: – Clean screens – Count T-Shirts – Contribute to witty atmosphere – Print T-Shirts – Print more T-shirts – Drink beer – Be friendly – Teach us how to be better at life   What we’ll do … +

Introducing /Shop With Friends

Over the past few months we have been experimenting with building out our own online store where we sell things that we have designed for ourselves. This process has seen us designing shirts, critiquing designs, tossing them out, modeling shirts, … +

Mens Style Lab

Around our shop, we like betting on people with good ideas. We like those people even more when they apply themselves and realize their potential. Derian Baugh is a guy who meets those criteria with his new project Men’s Style … +

Bite Sized Bakery

On a bit more of a personal note, we the owners wanted to brag about our little sister for a bit. Laina Bishop, who we mercilessly teased and ignored as a child, started Bite Sized Bakery out of her home … +

Des Moines – 1906

It seems the same problem has plagued our city for over 100 years. Here’s an excerpt from The Midwestern Volume from 1906. I’m not sure what “boodle” means, or why one would go to St. Louis for it.  – Z … +

Brave New World (/SHOP)

Today we launch an online retail shop to showcase some of our own personal work. In general, we love working with clients to create grand designs that embody their vision for their project. But. There are plenty of ideas floating … +

Winning High School

Printing for high school activities is what typically keeps small screen printing shops in business. Luckily we have cornered the market on shirts for kitty litter removal service providers and have never relied on underclassmen to keep the lights on. … +