Two colors and a simple design makes for a great shirt this one happens to be for an even better cause. Put on by @the_move_project, The Water Ride helps raise funds and awareness for clean water in Ghana, Africa. We were proud to be a sponsor for this years event.

Here’s another one of our 87 original designs. A subtle reminder to friends a family. Find it on our store, link in the bio!

“When pigs fly” totes for @laquercia. We love the illustration and these totes took the print so well.

Enjoy your families.

Don’t forget! We have an online store where we sell 87 originals. Check out the link in our bio to get your hands on one.

Here’s a favorite from last year that has returned. This one is for the Van Meter Visitor Festival. Subtle two color printed on our favorite black shirts from @ascolour.

Our second time recently of printing on a denim jacket, and it turned out amazing! This one is for @evolson and @neish_2013 to wear to an upcoming @taylorswift concert. If you need your favorite jacket customized in preparation for Fall we’d love to help you out.

New design from @bozzprints for our neighbors to the east! Check out his site to order one. We really like the mix of solid colors with a halftone, makes for a great design.

What an awesome way to end the week. This is a CMYK Process print. Believe it or not, only 3 colors plus black was used to make this print. We’ll be sharing some more details on this print on Monday. For now, we’re heading home for the weekend.