Our Template

We've developed a template to help ensure that you receive exactly what you are expecting. While we can accept and work with almost any form of artwork, utilizing our template is a great way to take control of the process. And because of the efficiency savings on our end, we are able to give a 15% discount to all orders that are submitted with artwork already placed within the template.

The template is designed for users proficient in Photoshop.

Download The Template

Download our template to begin the process.

Place your design in the template.

Upload your completed design when you place your order in the cart.

Template Specifics

Download the Template

The file is a compressed .psd file that is about 15MB.

The template includes a lot of guides for different suggested placements. Hide any layers you do not need. Also, all of the guides are suggestions. Feel free to place your artwork anywhere inside the 10×13 box.

Separate your ink colors using Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3. Treat each layer as a stencil. Utilize one layer for each ink color you wish to use.

Inside the template, you’ll find a limited selection of ink colors. These are our stock ink colors. If you want something specific, make sure to add it to the notes field. Also remember that the digital interpretation will be slightly different from the physical ink color once it has been placed on a shirt. We are pretty good at matching colors to fit the desired final result of the shirt, but occasionally there will be discrepancies. It is especially noticeable when printing light ink on a dark colored shirt.

The stencil will stay the same size across the size run of your entire order. We will adjust the print placement slightly to look best on each individual size, but proportionately the print will look larger on the smaller sized of shirts, and smaller on the larger sizes of shirts.

When yo are happy with your design and proof placement, simply save the file as a .psd. Compress the file to a .zip file, and upload your design into the cart at checkout. The max file size is 100mb, but we have found most completed designs are around 15-20mb.

As soon as you place the order, we will manually take a look at your artwork. If everything looks good, we’ll send it right through. If we have questions, we’ll reach out quickly for clarification. If the artwork is way outside of spec, we’ll cancel your order and refund your money immediately.

Prior to us printing anything, we will send you a proof with your artwork placed onto at mock up the actual shirt. The proof will be of a size medium shirt, so keep in mind that the actual print will appear larger on a Small shirt, and smaller on a 2XL shirt..