»Your Canvas

Most projects start with these tried and true garments.Click through for pricing and options.

Some of our Favorite Garments, specifically chosen for screen printing.

»Our Process

Your order will follow this simple process. We'll make it easy every step of the way.Need some sample shirts? Let us know and we'll make it happen.

1. Garments

While can can source hundred of brands, we have curated a selection of our favorite garments that work particularly well for our style of screen printing. We are confident they will become your favorite garments as well. Feel free to pick from our favorites, or else spec something entirely different.
Reach out if you need a specific garment that is not listed on our website.

2. Artwork

Submitted artwork should be at standard 300 DPI, sized roughly to desired printed scale. Design files in Adobe-compatible .eps, .ai, .psd, indeed. file formats are preferred.
If you need help with custom artwork, our designers are happily available at a customary rate of $40 per hour.

3. Location & Placement

Spec your printed artwork. Front, back, sleeve – we can place according to tried and true experience or accommodate to specific dimensions.
Max dimensions on a standard screen is 11 inches wide by 15 inches.

4. Ink Colors

Decide how many ink colors you’d like to print with. Our typical print is 1-2 colors per location, but we can max out at 4 colors when needed.
We have variety of stock ink colors, but can also mix to match your specific project needs.

5. Quantities & Sizing

Determine desired sizes and quantities.

6. Production

Once we have captured information from all prior steps, a digital proof and quote is sent to your for your approval. Upon approval, your project enters production. Typical turnaround time is 6-8 business days.

»Common Questions

Every project is unique, and we love that about screen printing.Here are some questions we hear often.

Our standard turnaround time is 6-8 business days from the time artwork, shirt styles and quantities have been approved. If you need it sooner than that, we will work with you to get your project completed when you need it. We will be reasonable, but don’t go over-the-top asking for favors.

While we don’t actually have order minimums, screen printing is not an efficient process for small runs. We understand that our pricing is high for a single shirt, but it is the best price we are able to offer at this time. If you need less than 12 shirts, we suggest finding a shop that does Direct To Garment Printing. If you really need us to make a single shirt, we certainly can, but it is expensive.

Screen printing is a very efficient process for larger orders, and we do not have order maximums.

We have price breaks at 12, 24, 50, 100, 200, and 500 pieces. If you want more than 500 shirts, please send us an email and we will work up a custom quote for you.

Price breaks only apply to items that have the same design and ink color. If you need 50 shirts with Design A and 50 shirts with Design B, it is priced as two 50-piece jobs, not one 100-piece job.

As long as the design and the ink colors are the same, you can mix and match garments and garment colors.

Unfortunately, we cannot print a full color photograph onto a shirt. We are able to drop some photos to a black and white halftone, and then print that. The resulting print is different, but it’s a good option that usually ends up looking pretty cool.

Another great option for a full-color print is a CMYK Process Print. However, due to it’s complexity, we have an order minimum of 100 garments for the CMYK process.

You bet! There are artwork minimum requirements, which is primarily 300 DPI and color-separated layers. If you know what those terms mean, your artwork will probably be pretty close to what we need. Upload your artwork and a Project Manager will (nicely and politely) let you know if there are any issues, and what needs to happen to resolve those issues.

You bet! As long as you have a solid, tangible idea of what you are looking for, we love creating custom designs for our clients. However, “just make something funny” or “make me something cool” are usually recipes for frustration by both parties. If you need us to create a design for you, make sure to include as many details as possible in the “Notes” section when requesting a quote.

We typically charge $40/hour for t-shirt artwork, and most designs take about an hour to complete.

If you have placed an order with us in the past, we USUALLY have your design on file. However, occasionally artwork is purged from our archives.

Reorder pricing may change from your original pricing, depending on current garment price and quantities.

We can certainly print on kids shirts! We often get request to add a few kids shirts onto a larger order. We are always happy to do this, but remember that with screen printing, the stencil stays the same size, which means that a design that works for a XXL shirt might not fit onto a kids shirt. Most of the time we address it on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to send us an email if you have additional questions.

You bet. If your order is more complex than any of the examples on this site, please reach out. Depending on the situation, we usually can accommodate complex requests.

We discourage this. There is always a slight chance that a print will go differently than expected. By purchasing through our suppliers, we can ensure that if something is to go wrong, we can replace the necessary items. However, there are always special situations where we need to print on something that is provided by a client. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you need, we’ll see what we can do.

You can either pay in person with a credit card or check when you pick up, or we will send you a link for payment over the internet.

Once your order is done, you will receive a notice. You can pick up any time during business hours or set up a special appointment after hours or on the weekend. We also can ship the shirts if needed.

Mostly shirts and koozies, but we can screen printing is good for almost anything that is flat.

Still have questions? Send us an email about anything or everything: info@eightsevencentral.com

»Our Experience

Our combination of craft and care has enabled us to become part of a growing cultural scene emerging at an exciting time. We produce unique prints for a range of clients — from young start-ups to influential commercial and cultural organizations. This is where you can find us, and this is who will be working on your next big thing!

3B Ride · 80-35 · AARP · ABI Foundation · AF Coaches · All Pets Hospital · Alluvial Brewing · American Heart Association · Apartment Therapy · Auto-Jet · Aveda · Beckstone Partners · Bozz Prints · Break the Cycle · Bronze 515 · Burgies Coffee · Candeo · Candeo Church · Canoe There · Castor Construction · Catch Des Moines · Cedar Falls Salt Co. · Central Iowa Yoga Retreat · City of Clive · Civic Music Association · Clay + Milk · Clyde’s Fine Diner · Coaching Actuaries · Corteva · Crossfit Flyover · Dee Zee · Des Moines Art Center · Des Moines Christian · Des Moines Dental Care · Des Moines Social Club · Drake Mag · Dream Co. Cycle Supply · Dreiberge Coffee · DSM Hack · DSM Skydivers · DSM Slalom Club · Dwolla · Edgimo · Eisenlauer Team ·  Emerge Academy · Encurate · Expandit · Facebook Altoona Data Center · Farmher · Festival of Trees & Lights · First Church · Flynn Wrightt · Fort Hood Mommas · Foster Group · Gravitate · Grey Dog Media · Gusto Pizza Co. · Happy Medium · Harbinger · Hope Lutheran · Hot Robotics · Ichi Bike · Iowa Department of Agriculture · Iowa Fire Control · Iowa Jazz Championship · Iowa Wolves · ITA Group · John Deere · La Mie · La Quercia · LS2 Group · Mainframe Studios · Malo · Maple Grove · Mars Cafe · Mary’s Meals · MedPharm Iowa · MMC Contractors · Oakstone · Overtime · Perficut · Pigott · Pink Print Company · Plymouth United Church of Christ · Red Earth Running Company · Regenexx · Renaissance Savery Hotel · Ricochet · Rod & Rivet · Salon Spa W · Shuler Elementary · Soldier Creek Winery · Tailored Living · Tasty Tacos · The Cheese Shop · The Drop · The Fashion Show · The Hall · The Iowa Clinic · The Kitchen DSM · The Move Project · The Nadas · The Network · Thelma’s Treats · TPI Technologies · Trash Bash · Tribe Athletics · Trility · Twotone Creative · Valley High School Drama · Vote Smart · Walnut Creek Church · Waukee Schools · West Des Moines Library · YMCA · Z3 Triathlon

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