Badowers Sportsmen

After the successful launch of Badowers Online, the store is now adding a new department. Badowers Sportsmen focuses on the rich outdoor heritage and the quaint towns that make up our great state and encourages people to explore their nearby surroundings. … +


This public service announcement goes out to LifeServe Blood Center, our neighbors across the street who do a stellar job of saving the fluid that saves lives. You guys do a lot to help the community. However, we have some complaints about … +

Eat it!

I dare you to read through the list below without getting hungry. We have the best clients. This is a list of some of the amazing “restaurants” we have gotten to team up with over the last few years. We … +

Really Kindof Amazing Workplace

There are a lot of perks to my job. First and foremost, I’m surrounded by a team of truly talented people who all take great pride in what they do. We get to create things from scratch almost every single … +

Badowers Overhaul

If you are looking for something to do this Thursday (or even if you have plans) Badowers is showing off their new remodeling and branding. The party goes from 5 until 8, with the official after-party taking place at the … +

Tony Muse –

One of favorite new things coming out of the Des Moines area right now is an interesting little site called The site is great not just for storing personnel photos, but also for viewing history through everyday photos; a “Timeline for the World” … +

Around the Shop

A visual representation of 8/7 Central at 7/6 Central March 28th, 2011. Shawn’s hand is healing nicely after a month being in a cast. That’s ink. If you haven’t tried Peace Tree Beer yet, do. They have our highest recommendation. … +

Our images are blow’n up!

salonspaW (formerly Salon W) utilized us for store front photography. Check out the original photos and how they ended up enhancing the space.