Crossfit Custom Shirts

You are part of a unique community. Your squad, your members, your box, your 5 AM crazies, your partner WOD, your clean up crew…your blood, sweat and tears. These are the things that make you tick.

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At Eight Seven Central, we want to showcase that uniqueness. Our goal: to design and print your favorite shirts. The ones you put on top of the pile after doing your laundry. Tees (and tanks and sweatshirts) so soft even your callused hands take notice.

Why crossfit? We could ask you the same question. We’ve worked with a variety of boxes over the years, and it’s fun to push the designs as far as you guys push your bodies.

Crossfit Tank Screen Print tee

Whether you’re looking for a flagship branding shirt or a special run for an upcoming competition, we’d love to work with you! In the meantime, keep pushing forward.

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