We don’t do this too often, but… We’re hiring a screen printer.

@samanthamaeby Just swing by the shop before 5 and it’s yours!

Free right now. Who wants it? https://t.co/fpyGrNgvoJ

Shirts for a Brussels Sprouts crawl. #everydayimbrusslin #makesmypeesmell #whynot @ Des Moines,… https://t.co/I9iH6SAeoS

@JNderrs …says the guy who’s handle is a Kanye lyric.

@RAYGUNshirts @irisheyeonu https://t.co/5hVl23nsDt

@irisheyeonu @RAYGUNshirts Yeah, we know. Sorry. We’ve been considering adding glitter to make it stand out more.

@irisheyeonu Sorry you couldn’t find us. We’re right next to @RAYGUNshirts. Our website is in our info.

@irisheyeonu We do custom shirts for all efforts.

Y’all are invited. @ Eight Seven Central https://t.co/s1LwMBMxvE

So excited for this! twishagain has been printing t-shirts for us for the past year and a half… https://t.co/yL718goW96

Your Authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass. #fortfriday ? @ Eight Seven Central https://t.co/K2VaqbcbYL

@Prolific_Praxis We are currently working on it. Thanks for mentioning!

Hurriedly finishing up the floor in the basement before the AIGA DETOUR series makes a stop here from… https://t.co/FN0GeOIRin

#twinning https://t.co/lP7KX7KAfJ

#foodfriday https://t.co/0e9eWuAZzL

Come out tonight. This is probably our dumbest idea yet. https://t.co/Wz1FFhzgmG

@edeniowa @iluvdomestica @HillVintage We also have beer, Fireball, Pizza Rolls, and Pub Mix.

Happy 8/7 Day! The finest contrived holiday of them all!

Last day. #fireball #tradition #needed https://t.co/XP11YjJrHJ