There’s something comforting about the same song playing at the same time every day. Lift Yourself boldly proclaims every day at the shop, “It’s 2:30, you’re going to make it!”

We do illustration too! If you have an idea and just can’t get it out on paper let us know and we can handle it. “Best Summer Ever” shirt illustrated by Levi Biel (@corruptionfest)

Its that time of year again, summer volleyball league is back, and we got you covered.

U of I School of Social Work prints. Simple, classic and clean. Design by @oldmanstreeter

Here’s a great example of a fade print. We take two colors, in this case red and yellow and print them at once. The result is an eye catching blend of the two colors. Design by @cob_kucera

We have always used black and white as our colors. Why? Because they act as a great launching pad for when designs walk in the door. We have been working on some projects to improve our space and decided we needed a color of our own, “Confident Yellow” is what we landed on.

“Can you guys recreate this?” Yes, yes we can. Check out that subtle fade print from yellow to red.

Oversized print on the always in style @bellacanvas tri-blend. Designed by Tony Streeter (@oldmanstreeter)

Wanted: Office Manager. Have you ever wanted to work in a “creative atmosphere” but are too insecure because, even though you have great organizational skills, you can’t tell kerning from half-tone? Can you put on a good face for clients, but not be insufferable the rest of the time? Can you count to 100? This may be the job for you. Send us a DM or a resume to

This incredibly comfy sweatshirt lets relevant parties know you are not to be bothered. We think it makes a great gift for Mothers Day, but it is also good for all the other days of the year as well. Link in Bio.