Here’s a neat one! Four color tanks for @desmoinesskydivers. Design by Leah Levi. Zoom in and check out some of the super fine details in this print.

Here’s another one of the @8035musicfest merch shirts! Head to the festival tonight and tomorrow and check out all the other shirts and tanks. Designed by @saturdaymfg

It’s 80/35 week and we can’t wait till Friday when the show starts. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect as far as merch goes! Maybe we’ll share some more tomorrow, or maybe we’ll forget and just head to the festival. Designed by the talented cats over at @saturdaymfg

It’s that time of year, mid-summer, when the presses just don’t stop moving.

At Eight Seven we like to drink and we like to draw, and we’d like it even more if you came out and helped us do both. Bring a friend and your weapon of choice (pen, pencil, paintbrush, iPad, Magna Doodle) by the shop on Friday the 13th for a super-casual meetup of talented local creatives. We’ll provide the beer and some leftover printer paper for you to scribble on!

Great looking two color, simple design but really effective. We’re into it.

Just a friendly reminder.

We love working with local businesses and our neighbors right around the corner are no exception!

Look what just arrived! Our regional design awards for @thehalldsm at @thefoundrydsm . Two golds and one “best of design” category.

Ending the week with a favorite of ours. Designed by Uciel, for our neighbors, @marscafe.